General Information

Coach Checklist

For those of you who have signed up to be a coach, you need to do the following to be ready:

1 • Register as an AYSO volunteer (an annual requirement) at www.eAYSO.org.
2 • Take AYSO Safe Haven training for Coaches (a one-time requirement).
3 • Attend the Coaches Meeting in early June.
4 • The training is a two part program:  coaches need to attend an in-class and an on-field session for the level they are coaching in order to be certified.
5 • If you are volunteering to be a Head Coach and you want someone special to be your assistant, please see the FAQ question on how to do this.
6 • Sign up for an age division at one of our registration days or send an email to CoachAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org indicating the age and gender division you want to coach. Be sure you are signing up for the correct age division for your child - see the age cutoff dates here.

We are always looking for people who are interested
in coaching their kids in soccer!

Many of our first-year coaches in the younger divisions (U06 – U08 and even U10) have never coached or necessarily even played soccer before but yet have a very successful year. For those of you who are considering coaching your child but do not feel comfortable yet with your knowledge of the game, we offer plenty of Training Clinics and support to make your experience a success!

If you have questions not answered on this web site, please feel free to contact our Coach Administrator at coachadministrator@hillsboroughayso.org.

New Coaches

If you are new to coaching, please visit the New Coaches page for detailed steps on registering as an AYSO volunteer, taking AYSO Safe Haven training and signing up for the correct training class.

Returning Coaches

If you have coached in AYSO in the past, please visit the Returning Coaches page for detailed steps on re-registering as an AYSO volunteer and signing up for the correct training class.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting

We typically hold our annual Mandatory Coaches Meeting in early June.  The purpose of the meeting is to ensure all coaches are aware of the certification requirements for the upcoming year.  In addition, for new U08 coaches, we will conduct a session called "Laws of the Game" that will qualify for certification as U08 Referee.  During this meeting the Division Directors will take the opportunity to assign practice times and fields for each of the teams.  The sessions will be held by division in order to be efficient with everyone's time.

The Mandatory Coaches Meeting is scheduled for June 9th, 2014.  For U08 and above, we will review player ratings from the prior fall season.  The detailed schedule is found below:

Division Time Location
U06 6:30-7:00pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U08 (new coaches) 6:30-8:30pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U08 (returning coaches) 7:45-8:30pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U10 6:45-7:30pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U12 7:30-8:15pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U14 8:15-9:00pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U16 8:15-9:00pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)
U19 8:15-9:00pm Crocker Middle School (Science Lab)

Training Clinics

Region 110 tries to offer a number of clinics for new and experienced coaches alike. Please see the Coach Training Calendar page for dates, times, places and more info.

In addition, we have forged a relationship with UK Soccer International to assist our coaches with instructional programs and techniques to enhance the overall experience for players and coaches.  UK Soccer employs some of the most talented trainers from abroad to work with our coaches on their instructional techniques.  More information about the program can be found by clicking this link.

Practice Fields

The Division Directors will work with each Head Coach to schedule practice field time at one of our fields at a convenient time.  Generally, fields are assigned based on the division (i.e., U08 at Crocker).

If inclimate weather is present or in the forecast or we have had recent rain, please check the Field Status page for field closure details and our general policy. Please honor any signs of field closure even if it means losing a practice. Sometimes, the fields are closed suddenly before we are notified and we need you to honor that closure.

At all locations, please avoid worn areas to limit damage to the turf, and use good judgment. If the players are getting muddy, it may be time to shift the practice to a less exposed area of the field. Note that many of our fields show bare areas after repeated use, particularly in front of the goals, which are easily torn up by cleats. Please practice away from these areas, and DO NOT USE THE GOAL AREAS FOR PRACTICES. Use cones to mark off practice areas which avoid the worn spots.

Game Card Procedures

Before each game, the coach must give the referees an AYSO game card (Lineup Form). These cards should be filled out before each game.  Be sure to observe the following points when you complete your game card:
1 • Make sure your team number, colors and coaches names are correct.
2 • List the players numerically by jersey number.
3 • List the players full names legibly, last name first.
4 • List all players on the roster, even if some are absent or unable to play.
5 • Do not mark any boxes to indicate when players will be participating or staying out.
6 • Fill in the date, time and location of the game.

You should tell the referee which players, if any, are absent or otherwise unable to play. Also, tell the referee which players will be sitting out during the first period of play. The referee will make the appropriate notations on the card. Please do not mark them ahead of time.

Make a substitution plan on a separate sheet of paper in advance. You may not have time once you are at the playing field to copy the Lineup Card to a separate sheet.

Accident Reporting

If a player or registered adult volunteer (such as a Coach or Assistant Coach) becomes injured during practice or a game, the injury must be reported. Please visit our Accident Reporting page for instructions.