New Coaches

Coach Checklist

For those of you who have signed up to be a coach, you need to do the following to be ready:

1 • Register as an AYSO volunteer (an annual requirement) at www.eAYSO.org.
2 • Take AYSO Safe Haven training for Coaches (a one-time requirement).
3 • Attend the Coaches Meeting in early June.
4 • The training is a two part program:  coaches need to attend an in-class and an on-field session for the level they are coaching in order to be certified.
5 • If you are volunteering to be a Head Coach and you want someone special to be your assistant, please see the FAQ question on how to do this.

How to Become an AYSO Coach
All new coaches must go through the following four steps in order to coach in our region.

STEP 1: Register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.
Please visit the www.eayso.org website to register as a volunteer/coach for this season.

STEP 2: Complete the online Safe Haven course (20-30 minutes).
Please visit the AYSO Safe Haven Online Training. Please bring a copy of your AYSO Safe Haven Certificate to your next training session. This page will walk you through details about your ID number if you are not clear on them. Coaches will not receive credit at the end of the training class without verification that they are Safe Haven certified. YOU ONLY HAVE TO TAKE SAFE HAVEN ONCE, but in order to volunteer in any capacity, you have to take this class.

STEP 3: If you are not yet trained, register for the coach certification training class(es) you plan to attend.
Please visit our Coach Training Calendar for a list of available classes.

The training calendar also has links to the training classes offered by other AYSO regions in our area, such as Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, San Bruno and Redwood City. Coaches may take the training class in any AYSO region.

STEP 4: Attend your classes.
Attend the class you signed up for. A record of your attendance will be entered into the eAYSO National database and you will be certified at the end of the class.