Coach Training

Coach Checklist

For those of you who have signed up to be a coach, you need to do the following to be ready:

1 • Register as an AYSO volunteer (an annual requirement) at www.eAYSO.org.
2 • Take AYSO Safe Haven training for Coaches (a one-time requirement).
3 • Attend the Coaches Meeting in early June.
4 • The training is a two part program:  coaches need to attend an in-class and an on-field session for the level they are coaching in order to be certified.
5 • If you are volunteering to be a Head Coach and you want someone special to be your assistant, please see the FAQ question on how to do this.

Coach Certification / Training Policy

Effective August 1, 2009, AYSO National's new coach certification / training policy went into effect. The policy requires all coaches and assistant coaches who wish to coach in the National Games, concurrent secondary play competitions or nationally sanctioned AYSO tournaments to be trained at the level of the team they coach. The impact on this for Hillsborough Region 110 is that achieving these levels of training will be highly encouraged and U12, U14, U16 and U19 teams which are coached by coaches that are not certified will not be eligible to participate in the area tournaments should they qualify.

In order for coaches to become trained, coaches must complete BOTH a classroom and an on‐field training session to become certified. On training days wear soccer attire and bring water and sunblock for on‐field training.

Please Pre-Register for the Region 110 course you plan on attending

1 • Look up the course you want to attend on our Coaches Training Calendar
2 • Next go to www.eayso.org and log in
3 • Find "Lookup – Courses" in the lower right area of the screen and click on it
4 • Find the Roster # of the course you plan to attend in the table above and enter it in the RosterNumber field and click on "Search"
5 • Click on the bubble to the left side of the Course Name and click on "Course Signup"
6 • Type in your Last Name and then click on "Search for a Volunteer" and your name should now pop up
7 • Click on the bubble to the left of your name then click "Add Attendee to Program Roster".
8 • A reminder that you must be a registered AYSO volunteer and be AYSO Safe Haven certified prior to taking any coach training course. Please visit New Coaches or Returning Coaches for instructions.

Once you do this.....congratulations! You are now signed up for a coach certification course.

All Area 2N and most Region 110 sponsored coach training sessions are open to any AYSO coach from any region who wishes to attend.

Training Courses Outside of Region 110

Please follow their instructions and RSVP so that they know the quantity of training material to order. Please remember that you are a guest when you take training in their region/area.

Check the AYSO Area 2N Site for listings.

Other nearby Regions and Areas also offer training.

Region 63 – Burlingame (www.burlingameayso.org)
Region 62 – Foster City (www.aysofc.org)
Region 107 – San Carlos (www.sancarlosayso.org)
Region 1 – Redwood City (www.ayso1.org)
Region 108 – Belmont (www.ayso108.org)
Region 249 – San Bruno (www.sanbrunoayso.org)
AYSO Area 2J covering Cupertino, Saratoga and West San Jose
AYSO Area 2A covering Palo Alto, Los Altos and Sunnyvale

Intermediate Coach (U14) Course

Dates: Saturday/Sunday June 22 & 23rd
Location: Red Morton Fields, Redwood City
Roster Number: 201302087 (to register go to eAYSO.org and ""Enroll to take a class" on your welcome eAYSO screen)
- Saturday 8:30 - 6
- Sunday 9 - 5
Contact: Andrew Moore <andrewmoore10@gmail.com> (RC of AYSO Region 1)
Instructor: Jubin Dana and others.
Prerequisites: U12 Coach Course, AYSO Safe Haven.

Initial meeting location on Saturday will be at the Community Activities Building Room #1 located at 1400 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City, CA.

Students must bring: notepad, pen/pencil, a soccer ball, water bottle, and sun screen.  Please wear athletic shoes, shin guards, and comfortable training clothing.  Lunch will be provided.  Please arrive on time, or early, so that the class can run on time.  Must attend both days & pass the exam to get credit.

Intermediate / Advanced Coach Training at Golden Gate Camp

Coaches who have Intermediate Coach Certification are encouraged to attend the Advanced Coach Certification at AYSO Section 2's Golden Gate Camp. This is a two-and-a half day residential clinic.  For information and registration details, please go to the Golden Gate Camp site.


Information and Compliance


In compliance with AYSO's National Coaching Program, AYSO Region 110 offers a number of Coach Training Courses during the month of August. Training to or above the level of team you are coaching is required for head coaches and strongly encouraged for assistant coaches.

Division You Are Coaching Minimum Coach Training Requirement
U06 U-06
U08 U-08
U10 U-10
U12 U-12
U14 Intermediate
U16 and U19 Advanced


AYSO Region 110 Coach Training Calendar

The only pre-requisite for the U-6, U-8, U-10 and U-12 Coach Certification courses is to be Safe Haven for Coach certified. The Intermediate Coach Certification course requires U-12 certification as a pre-requisite and the Advanced Coach Certification course requires Intermediate Coach Certification.  Below is the current planned calendar of training courses being offered by AYSO Region 110 as well as AYSO Area 2N.

If you plan on attending any the coach training sessions below, please email the Coach Trainer at the email listed below to advise of your attendance.

Date Level Session Location Email