Job Descriptions
Executive Working Group

Regional Commissioner

The Regional Commissioner shall have the responsibility and the authority to manage the day-to-day business of the Region as described in Article III of the Standard Regional Guidelines within the framework of the AYSO operating regulations and these Guidelines. The Regional Commissioner's responsibility and authority shall also include:

  • Filing on a timely basis the Regional Information Form with the National Support Center.
  • Reviewing on an annual basis the Regional Guidelines and other written Regional operating regulations.
  • Supervising the Regional Treasurer by periodically reviewing the Region's canceled checks and bank statements, reviewing each month the National Accounting Program (NAP) financial report, periodically reviewing internal financial control procedures, and taking other reasonable measures to assure that the Region's assets and expenses are being handled in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Reporting to the Area Director and being responsible for the performance and growth of the Regional programs for the benefit of the players, the volunteers and their families.
  • Organizing, maintaining, supervising and coaching Regional volunteer staffs to assure adequate support and services to the Region, including the development of new volunteers for Regional position succession planning.
  • Acting as the official spokesperson for the Region with respect to publicity, internal development, cultural exchange, business systems, budgets, Regional operating regulations and other matters concerning AYSO programs within the Region.
  • Assisting the Regional Board in the planning and implementation of its policies and programs within the Region.
  • Overseeing dispute resolution within the Region pursuant to Article Nine of the Standard Regional Guidelines and AYSO operating regulations.
  • Presiding at all Regional Board meetings.
  • Keeping the Regional Board informed of actions and decisions on matters of importance.
  • Attending Area meetings, Section Meetings and caucuses, and the National Annual General Meeting.
  • Maintaining close liaison with the Area Director and the Section Director, and coordinating all extra-Regional activities through the Area Director.
  • Submitting a completed Regional Performance Program to the Area Director prior to December 1st of each calendar year.
  • Making such other decisions and taking actions as may be required to run the Region, within the limits of the Regional budget and the Standard Regional Guidelines.
  • Responsible with the Regional Coach Administrator for recruiting and selecting the Division Coordinators, who are responsible for managing the various player divisions.

Assistant Regional Commissioner

The Assistant Regional Commissioner, if any, shall perform such duties as may be delegated to the Assistant Regional Commissioner by the Regional Commissioner and, in his/her absence, shall perform the duties of the Regional Commissioner on behalf of the Region.
Skills needed for doing this job includes the ability to delegate, working well with a variety of people, good organizational talent, and ability to deal with rare conflicts.  The position has many rewards, including working with some great people, developing relationships with members of the community, and meeting other people interested in soccer from around the area.