Job Descriptions
Marketing & Communications Working Group

Secretary / Communications

The Secretary / Communications Director shall maintain the Region's books and records, and act as a primary point of communication to the community by distributing and receiving/directing email correspondence from the hillsboroughayso.org website.

Scheduling Director

The Scheduling Director creates the schedules for all age groups playing regional games.  Schedules should take into account a reasonable balance of game times, field usage, as well as home team – visiting team allocation.  The Scheduling Director should also make a reasonable accommodation for any Coach who is coaching two or more teams so as to minimize timing conflicts between games.  Schedules are built and finalized approximately 2 weeks before the first game, which is usually held the weekend after Labor Day weekend.  Schedules for practice field assignment are coordinated through each Division Director.

Scoring Director

The Scoring Director is responsible for ensuring that the coaches and referees have entered all of the game card data after each week's games.  The game card data is important to track the relative playing time of various players on each team, the number of goals being scored by players and teams as a whole and any misconduct taking place during games.

The Scoring Director also maintains the standings section of the Hillsborough AYSO website.  The Scoring Director works with the Regional Commissioner and the Division Director to track the scheduling and results of the Hillsborough Cup.

Website Director

The Website Director is responsible for maintaining the www.hillsboroughayso.org web site so that information is current and displayed in a fashion that can be easily navigated by our users.