Job Descriptions
Referees Working Group

Referee Administrator

The Referee Administrator shall arrange for orientations, clinics and training programs for all referees and assistant referees in the Region at least annually, and shall coordinate his/her efforts with the Regional Commissioner and the Area Referee Administrator.

The Referee Administrator shall be responsible for the scheduling of referees and assistant referees in the Region, or delegate such task to another responsible volunteer or assistant and coordinate such efforts with the Region's scheduler of games.

The Referee Administrator will work with the Uniform / Equipment Director to coordinate the ordering of referee uniforms and supplies, usually in July and August.

Assistant Referee Administrator

The Assistant Referee Administrator assists the Referee Administrator with organizing referee teams, making sure training is attended by the new referees, scheduling referees or other related tasks as needed.

Referee Training Director

The Referee Training Director shall implement, monitor, and maintain the AYSO Referee Training Program at the Regional level.  The Regional components are the Regional Referee Course and the Assistant Referee Training Course.  The Referee Training Director obtains the course guides from AYSO National Support Center or area staff; sets up orientations, clinics and training; and obtains qualified instructors to teach.  The Referee Training Director works together with the Area Director of Referee Instruction to meet the ongoing training needs of the local referees, assistant referees and youth referees.

This individual also works to address any training deficiencies, rules clarifications, referee performance issues or other actions required to maintain referee quality at the highest level possible throughout the season.

Assistant Referee Training Director

The Assistant Referee Training Director assists the Referee Training Director with organizing referee training sessions and any other related tasks as needed.