General Information

Referee Mailing List

To stay informed about refereeing in Region 110, please join the Region 110 Referee email list by sending your contact information to RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

You can unsubscribe at any time, and the addresses on our mailing list are not shared outside the region.
If you have questions about becoming a referee or refereeing in general, please email RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

Referee Training

Feeling lost on the pitch? Want some help to improve your performance as a referee? Need a formal assessment to advance? Need to do some mentoring for service hours for advancement? See our Referee Training page.

Thank you for your interest in refereeing!
Region 110 needs over 100 volunteer referees every season to ensure that our 1000-plus kids have a rewarding experience playing soccer. If you have not already done so, please consider signing up today.

All of our officials at AYSO soccer games are volunteers from the community – people like you and me. True to the all-volunteer approach of AYSO, we do not use any paid referees.

We referee because:

  • It helps Hillsborough kids learn and play soccer safely.
  • It's not hard to learn how and experience is not necessary,
  • Training and mentoring are at hand to help you learn the rules easily.
  • It is a great way to help kids learn ethics, values and sportsmanship.
  • It's great for exercise and building self-esteem and self discipline.
  • There is no better vantage point to be involved in the game.
  • We have fun!

The returning referees are the backbone of the referee organization. Your experience and dedication are greatly appreciated. We hope that all the wonderful people who were referees for us last year will volunteer again this season.

Region 110 is especially looking to the parents of our younger Under-8 and Under-10 division players to volunteer to referee. The time commitment is minimal because the majority of the games you referee will be those in which your own child is playing.

Players 10 years and older and older siblings are welcome to referee also. This is a great community service activity to earn high school service hours and list on college applications!

Refereeing and Game Procedures, by Division
Referees are used for all divisions beginning with U08 (under-8) but each division uses referees to a different extent. The different referee procedures for each division are explained below. Please note that there is no difference between the game rules for boys versus girls within any division.

Under-8 (U08) Division Refereeing
Referees normally start in the U08 division.
• Each U08 team is required to provide a trained referee for each of the team's games.
• Referees must have taken one 4-hour training clinic to be certified as AYSO "U08 Officials".
• Games are worked by two referees, one provided by each team.
• On game days, the U08 teams play a 7-on-7 game.
• Matches are two 20-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break.
• Fields are approximately half the full regulation field size.
• U08 Goals are smaller than regulation size. No goal keepers are used.
• Law 11 (Offside) is not enforced.
• Standings are not kept and scores are not recorded in the U08 division. In the AYSO spirit, the fun is in playing the game!
• Referees however must still collect game cards from each coach prior to the match, record quarters played and goals scored by each player. This information is key to helping us monitor if one team is having consistent blowouts and to help us form balanced teams in future seasons.

Under-10 (U10) Division Refereeing
Three officials are used at each match – a referee (center) and two assistant referees (linesmen).
• Each team must provide a trained Regional Referee for every game. The team referees also work selected other games as a "neutral" referee (games that do not involve their child) as center referee. If a team cannot supply their assistant referee (linesman) for a game, it is the responsibility of the team to arrange for an alternate referee.
• In the U10 division, refereeing requires somewhat more skill and training. Referees for the U10 division take a two hour online course followed by a two hour field session and a one hour written exam  to become certified as AYSO "Regional Referees".
• Hillsborough AYSO U10 teams play 7-on-7 games.
• Matches are two 25-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break.
• Law 11 (the offside law) is introduced at this level.
• The center referee is responsible for collecting the game cards from each coach prior to the match, and recording quarters played and goals scored by each player.

Under-12 (U12) and Under-14 (U14) Division Refereeing
Three officials are used at each match – a referee (center) and two assistant referees (linesmen).
• Each team should have at least one parent who has completed the AYSO "Regional Referee" training to help as a member of the U12/U14 referee pool.
• In U12 and U14 divisions, players become much more skillful. Refereeing requires increased skill and a complete three-person neutral referee team at every match.
• The U12 teams play 9-on-9 matches, U14 teams play 11-on-11 matches.
• Fields are full-size but will vary according to the site used.
• Goals are full-size.
• U12 matches are two 30-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break while U14 matches are two 35-minute halves.
• For U12 and U14 divisions, referees are expected to have earned AYSO Intermediate or Advanced referee badges, or have comparable experience. The center referee is responsible for collecting the game cards from each coach prior to the match, and recording quarters played and goals scored by each player.

Under-16 (U16) and Under-19 (U19)
Three officials are used to officiate each match – a referee (center) and two assistant referees (linesmen).
• Matches are area-wide combining Area 2N and Area 2B, not just Region 110.
• Matches are 11-on-11.
• Fields and goals are full-size. Exact field dimensions will vary according to the individual site used.
• U16 matches are two 40-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break; U19 matches are two 45-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break.
• U16/U19 referee coordinator schedules three neutral referees for each match, from the pool of trained Area 2N volunteer referees.
• No team referees are permitted.