Referee Training

Referee Mailing List

To stay informed about refereeing in Region 110, please join the Region 110 Referee email list by sending your contact information to RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

You can unsubscribe at any time, and the addresses on our mailing list are not shared outside the region.
If you have questions about becoming a referee or refereeing in general, please email RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

Referee Training

Feeling lost on the pitch? Want some help to improve your performance as a referee? Need a formal assessment to advance? Need to do some mentoring for service hours for advancement? See the Referee Training Calendar on this page.

In compliance with AYSO's National Referee Program, AYSO Region 110 offers a number of Referee Training Courses during August and early September. U8 Official and Regional Referee certification training sessions are offered through our region in conjunction with the other nearby Regions that comprise Area 2N.

• U08 Official – Required to officiate U08 matches
• Basic (aka Regional) Referee – Required for referees doing U10 and above
• Intermediate Referee – Recommended for referees doing U12 and above
• Advanced Referee – Recommended for referees doing U14 and above
• National Referee – Recommended for referees doing U16 and above

Training Course Registration

You need to pre-register for the course that you wish to take so that sufficient training materials can be provided. Review the schedule of referee training classes above, then RSVP to refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org.

Training Courses Outside of Region 110

Other nearby Regions and Areas also offer training. For a current list of available classes, please email refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org.

Advanced Referee Training
The Intermediate Referee and Advanced Referee training clinics are offered periodically by AYSO Area 2N. For a current list of available classes, please email refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org.

Information and Compliance

In compliance with AYSO's National Referee Program, AYSO Region 110 in conjunction with Burlingame AYSO offers a number of Referee Training Courses during the month of August. Training to or above the level of the game you are refereeing is required for all referees.

Division You Are Refereeing Minimum Referee Training Requirement
U06 N/A
U08 U-08
U10 Regional
U12 Regional
U14 Intermediate
U16 and U19 Advanced

Training Calendar

AYSO Region 110 Referee Training Calendar

Below is the current planned calendar of training courses being offered by AYSO Region 110.

Safe Haven for Referee certification is required to obtain any level of referee certification. Safe Haven training is done online, prior to attending your first referee training class.

The U08 Official class is one weeknight or one weekend half-day (3.5 hours training). The process to become a regional referee is as follows:

STEP 1: Register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.
  • Please visit www.eayso.org and follow the steps to register as a volunteer for this season.
  • eSign your completed eAYSO volunteer application.  If you are a youth volunteer, both you and a parent will need to eSign.
  • Note the volunteer number near the upper right corner of the first page.

STEP 2: Complete the online Safe Haven course (20-30 minutes).
  • Please take Safe Haven training (Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven).
  • You will need the AYSO volunteer number which you noted from Step 1.

STEP 3: Take the online portion of the Basic (aka Regional) Referee course.
  • Log in at www.aysotraining.org and click the “Start Now” button below “Referee Training”.
  • You will need the AYSO volunteer number which you noted from Step 1.

STEP 4: Attend an on-field class which complements and completes Basic Referee Online Training. Sign up for a course by signing into www.eayso.org.  (Notice your name in the Welcome.)  Select 'Enroll to take a class', or select the 'Signup' menu's 'Course' option, and sign up for a class. Please send a confirmation email to refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org.

Referee Training Calendar for Nearby Regions

If you are unable to attend one of our training sessions noted above, many of our surrounding regions offer Referee training classes that qualify for you mandatory training requirements. If you elect to attend one of these classes, please be sure to register at www.eayso.org and email the region as a courtesy. Please send an email to refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org for a current list of classes available in nearby regions.