Returning Referees

Referee Mailing List

To stay informed about refereeing in Region 110, please join the Region 110 Referee email list by sending your contact information to RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

You can unsubscribe at any time, and the addresses on our mailing list are not shared outside the region.
If you have questions about becoming a referee or refereeing in general, please email RefereeAdministrator@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

Referee Training

Feeling lost on the pitch? Want some help to improve your performance as a referee? Need a formal assessment to advance? Need to do some mentoring for service hours for advancement? See our Referee Training page.

All returning referees must go through the following three steps in order to referee matches in our region.

STEP 1: Re-register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.
• Please visit the www.eAYSO.org to re-register as a volunteer for this season. Every AYSO volunteer must re-register each year.

STEP 2: If you need additional training, register for the referee training class(es) you plan to attend.
• U10: If you have completed only the "U8 Official" class, email refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org for a list of classes available for you to upgrade to Regional Referee.
• Review the schedule of referee training classes on the Referee Training Calendar, then email refereeinstructor@hillsboroughayso.org to advise which class you will attend.
• U12/U14: If you have completed only the "Regional Referee" training, please take the "Intermediate Referee" class this season. Please email refereeinstruction@hillsboroughayso.org to get a schedule of upcoming Intermediate Referee Training classes. Referees may take the training class in any AYSO region. (Note that referees will receive their referee equipment from their home region).

STEP 3: Attend your classes.
• Attend the class you signed up for. A record of your attendance will be entered into eAYSO and will be issued a badge at the end of the class. You will also be issued a uniform if you do not already have one.