Registration FAQ

Fall 2012 Registration

Registration for the Fall 2012 Hillsborough AYSO soccer season will take place on:

Saturday, April 14th from 9:00am to 2:30pm
Saturday, April 28th from 9:00am to 2:30pm

Crocker Middle School
2600 Ralston Avenue
Hillsborough, CA  94010

Registration Checklist

You will need the following information ready before starting:
1 • Player name, address, phone number, gender, birth date.
2 • Your child's school and grade THIS FALL (not now).
3 • A primary email address we can use for communication.
4 • Emergency contact info, doctor name and phone, and insurance carrier.
5 • Parent/guardian names and phone numbers.
6 • Please select one of the Volunteer tasks when registering.

Desired Information Requested for all Player Registrations
We also request you enter the following information:
1 • Player's Experience, Height and Weight.
2 • Parent/Guardian Business/Employer information.
3 • A child may specify one or more siblings to be on the same team if they are close enough in age. This information needs to be entered in the "siblings playing on the same team" field.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to most of your registration related questions can likely be found below. If you have general questions, feel free to contact us.

Q: What if I do not have Internet access to register online?

A:   If you do not have access to a computer at either home or work, please go to your neighborhood school or a public library. If you are unable to do either of those, you can come to our walk-in registration on Saturday April 14th, 2012 or Saturday April 28th, 2012 at the Crocker Middle School at 2600 Ralston Avenue from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Q: What if I don't have an account?

A:   You can create your account at www.eayso.org. If aren't sure if you have an account, the system offers a lookup to see if it has a record of you. Please do not create a new account if you can't remember your user name or password. That will result in confusion with your child's records and delay registration.  If unable to access an account you created in prior years, please contact info@HillsboroughAYSO.org.

Q: What are the costs?

A:   Your costs are limited to our registration fees which are:

Registration Date
All Divisions
Walk-In Registration (by April 28th)
Mail-In Registration (before May 15th)
Mail-In Registration (after May 15th)

Incidental costs during the season may include your portion of a team banner, providing snack for one game and coach and referee appreciation gifts for the time they have put in volunteering for the team.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A:   Yes. Please contact the Registrar at registrar@HillsboroughAYSO.org and make your request. Verification of need will be asked for.

Q: Can I pay electronically?

A:   Yes!

Q: When do we sign the medical release and code of conduct forms?

A:   The medical release forms are signed as part of the registration forms that are filled out online during the online registration process.  The coaches are responsible for signing the code of conduct forms as part of their Coach Certification training.

Q: Can I choose the practice field?

A:   No, we do not know the practice fields selected by the coaches until after all the teams have been assigned.

Q: Can I request a particular coach?

A:   No, you cannot request a particular coach.  However, each coach can request one assistant coach and therefore the children of the coach and assistant will naturally be together on the same team.

Q: Can I request to play with a friend?

A:  No, requests for placements on teams will not be granted.  Exceptions will be made for siblings, coaches and assistant coaches.

Q: Can I request that two siblings in the same age group play together?

A:  Yes, they can be assigned to the same team by specifying the name of the player's sibling during online registration in the "siblings playing on the same team" field.

Q: As a head coach, can I pick my assistant coach?

A: Yes. When you register, indicate you want to be a Head Coach. Your assistant needs to register as an Assistant Coach. This summer, you will be contacted by your division coordinator who will ask you if you have a specific assistant. As a head coach, you are allowed to pick the assistant coach – the assistant cannot pick the head coach.  If team balance is impacted negatively by two particular coaches pairing up, they will be asked to spit up.

Q: Can I request to play-up a division?

A: Yes. Please visit our Play-Up / Play-Down Policy page for more details.

Q: Can I request to play-down a division?

A: Only with permission from the Regional Commissioner. Please visit our Play-Up / Play-Down Policy page for more information.

Q: When is the latest I can submit my registration?

A:   Registration remains open until July 10th.  If you are unable to attend a Walk-In Registration event on April 14th or April 28th, Mail-In Registration is available.  Once a division is full, late registrants are placed on a waitlist until the season begins.  Acceptance of any registration requests after July 10th is at the Region's discretion based on team balance considerations and the division waitlists at that time.

Q: I can't remember my username or password.

A:   If you do not remember your account name or password for this site, Click here for help. This will ask for your first name, last name and phone number and allow you to reset your password.  If you need help logging into the eAYSO site, call 866.588.2976.

Q: How do I withdraw if I won't be able to play?

A:   We provide for full refunds prior to July 10th by sending an email to HillsboroughAYSO@gmail.com.  After July 10th, our policy is to not provide refunds in order to minimize players dropping out after team formation has been completed.

Q: What do I do if I'm having trouble registering online?

A:   If you are having trouble registering online, please contact the support center at eAYSO before entering your child again - multiple entries for one child can lead to confusion in team placement.