Winter Season

Here are the standings for the winter season.

Regular Season

We have established certain policies regarding keeping score and tracking team and/or division standings.  The table below summarizes our approach:

Division Keep Score? Keep Standings? Post Standings?
U06 No No No
U08 No No No
U10 Yes Yes No
U12 Yes Yes Yes
U14 Yes Yes Yes
U16 Yes Yes Yes (Area)
U19 Yes Yes Yes (Area)


For the divisions where we keep and/or post standings, our methodology is as follows:

Regular Season Hillsborough Cup
Wins 3 6
Ties 1 3
Losses 0 0
Goal Differential N/A 1 (max 3)
Shut Out N/A 1 (0-0 does not count)
Forfeit (i) 3 7
Abandoned Game (ii) 1 N/A


(i) Forfeit points are awarded to the team whose opponent is unable to field a team to play. The forfeit is recorded as a 1-0 “win”  (Generally, in order to minimize disruption to parents, coaches and other volunteers, a forfeited game will not be re-scheduled, unless both coaches propose the forfeit and are able to re-schedule).  A forfeit caused by BOTH teams being unable to field teams is recorded as a 0-0 tie, with one point to each team.

(ii) One point per team. If an abandoned game is subsequently rescheduled, the one point is removed and the result of the re-scheduled game counts in the standing.

Hillsborough Cup

The Hillsborough Cup is a tournament held over the last two weeks of the seasonfor U10, U12 and U14 divisions.  The format changes somewhat each year based on the number of teams in each division.  We typically construct round-robin play-in brackets to determine the teams that advance to the single elimination semi-final and final rounds.

The winner of the Hillsborough Cup represents Hillsborough in the annual Foster City regional tournament in late November / early December.  For U12 & U14 divisions, if the winner of the season is not the winner of the Hillsborough Cup, those two teams will play one last deciding game to determin the representative team for the Foster City tournament.


Trophies will be awarded to the winner of the regular season in each Division/Gender (U12-U14).  No trophies will be awarded to the runner up for the regular season in any of the leagues.  Trophies will be awarded to the winner of the Hillsborough Cup in each Division/Gender (U10 through U14) and to the runner-up.

Additional Notes for Fall Season 2015:

For the U12 Boys fall season, the one game each team plays against Area opponents DOES NOT COUNT towards the Regular Season standings and will not be shown in the table for that division, although we do want the coach to post the scores so that we can understand how the teams are performing in Non-Hillsborough games.

For the U14 Boys fall season, games against Area opponents DO COUNT towards the Regular Season standings.

Regular Season Tie-Breakers for all U12 and U14 Divisions (excepting the tie-breaker number 2 which is U14 Boys only) in the event that two or more teams finish the season with equal points:

  1. Head to head result(s) against the opponent that is tied on points. However, this only applies if two teams are tied. If more than two teams have the same number of points, this tie-breaker is not-applicable.
  2. For U14 Boys only, results against Hillsborough teams only (i.e. we exclude Area games for this second tie-breaker)
  3. Least number of goals conceded
  4. Highest goal differential (goals scored – goals conceded) Note that goals scored are not “counted” in this consideration above a game differential of +3, (i.e. a 5-0 victory will be “counted” as 3-0).
  5. Least number of cards received by the team. Red cards count for “3” yellow cards.
  6. If teams cannot be separated by 1-5 above, a coin toss will take place in the presence of both coaches to determine the winner.


Managing Games Abandoned or Cancelled due to the Weather (the “El Niño Rule”)

A game that is abandoned (or never played) due to weather conditions and that cannot be rescheduled will result in 1 point “Rain out” awarded for each team. Note that rescheduling is VERY challenging and it may prove impossible to reschedule many of the abandoned games if we experience a wet fall season.

If the Commissioner has reason to believe that an abandoned game that is (i) scheduled in the final three weeks of the season and (ii) that likely has an impact upon who will be the winner of the season, cannot be rescheduled solely or principally due to the unreasonable actions of a coach or a team, the Commissioner has the ability to award a total of 3 points to the other team and remove the 1 point from the other team.